Restaurant in Turckheim and take-away meals

Regional cuisine

Les Portes de La Vallée Hotel opens its doors to you to propose regional cuisine within a typical cosy Alsace Winstub atmosphere. Bibalakass, fleischschnacka, dishes accompanied with Munster, wood-fired pizzas ... our menu favours mostly Alsace specialities. But you can also enjoy a good juicy sirloin steak, a slice of salmon with goat cheese, a Nicoise salad or a hearty omelette with mushrooms, lardons, potatoes ... Delicious and filling meals to be enjoyed with others in a warm and friendly environment.

The Chef and his specialities

Here, it’s the Hotel owner who slips on the apron and takes the orders. Among his specialities which he lovingly cooks in the aim of sharing, are his “grandmother” gratin with spaetzle noodles, lardons, crème fraiche and Munster cheese), a Marcaire burger or a tarte tatin.


Wood-fired oven cooked pizzas to take-away

Plain, au gratin, with Munster, fresh goat cheese and smoked lardons, tuna or apples ... we propose a whole range of these thin pizzas to please everyones’ taste! You can eat them here or you can buy them to take-away.

Restaurant dining room

Eating environment

When seated in our restaurant, you’ll feel like you’re at home! You’ll find the ambiance to be warm and friendly. A generous and delicious meal along with preparations by the hostess.

Restaurant atmosphere

A la carte and menus

A la carte, starters between 4.50€ and 6.50€, main meals between 9€ and 15€, desserts under 5€. Tasty and generous meals at small prices. 

For our young visitors we propose a child’s menu (up until 10 years old) at 6.80€ with a main meal and a ball of ice-cream along with a special surprise!